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  • Gipi: Dežela potomcev

    Land of the Sons – Gipi’s most artistically accomplished work to date! An extraordinary power of graphic
    art & emotions! Forum Ljubljana, Ambasada Strip edition #20, November 2017, 288 bw pgs., 17 eur in Slovenia

  • Nicolas Presl: Sin očeta medveda

    Son of the Father Bear – a mute graphic novel by the French artist Nicolas Presl brings a shocking story of coexistence between humans and animals! Ambasada Strip edition #19, dec. 2016, 236 bw pgs., 12 eur in Slovenia

  • Riad Sattouf: Arabec prihodnosti. Odraščanje na Bližnjem vzhodu (1978–1984)

    The Arab of the Future – a seriously funny and penetratingly honest story of an eccentric family in an absurd Middle East! Ambasada Strip #18, Nov. 2016, 160 pgs., 16 eur in Slovenia

  • Marcel Ruijters: Inferno

    The comics paraphrase of the Dante Alighieri’s classic, enriched with a pinch of irony.! Ambasada Strip edition #17, Oct. 2016, 160 bw pgs, 10 eur in Slovenia

  • Kim Deich in Simon Deitch: Bulvar razbitih sanj (The Boulevard of Broken Dreams)

    A graphic novel about a history of animation by one of the godfathers of American underground comics!
    Ambasada Strip edition #16, april 2015, 164 pgs, A4-, 12 eur in Slovenia

  • Gunnar Lundkvist: Klas Katt

    A Swedish classic about a depressed and constantly unemployed cat! Ambasada Strip #15, 128 pgs, A4-, 12 eur in Slovenia

  • Joann Sfar: Pascin

    A biography of the noted Jewish modernist painter and the ultimate bohemian Montmartre artist, Pascin!
    Ambasada Strip edition #14, 192 str., nov. 2013, 15 eur

  • Lars Fiske: Matjemanija

    The story of the poet Matje is a fictional satire about poetic and intellectual communities, portraying the artist’s creative development and his struggles as an author. Ambasada Strip edition #13, 96 pgs., Dec. 2012, 10 eur

  • Tardi: Vojna v jarkih

    It Was the War of the Trenches – Tardi’s World War I masterpiece also in Slovene! Ambasada Strip #12 edition, 124 pgs., Oct. 2012

  • Julie Doucet: Moj newyorški dnevnik

    My New York Diary – the classic graphic novel by the acclaimed and iconic artist Julie Doucet! Ambasada Strip edition #11, 96 pgs., March 2012, 12 eur

  • Matthias Lehmann: Ezekielove solze

    The tears of Ezekiel – a graphic novel by one of the greatest masters of the scratchboard! Ambasada Strip edition #10, 108 pgs., April 2011, 12 eur

  • Helena Klakočar: Nemirno morje

    Passage en douce – an autobiographical story of exile. Ambasada Strip edition #9, 200 pgs., April 2011, 12 eur