SAŠA KERKOŠ: Skrivalnice (Hide and Seek)


hidden comics exhibition & workshop

Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

ON DISPLAY: Saturday, 12th October 2019, 11.00−18.00

/one day only/


Skrivalnice (Hide and Seek), a new comics publication by Saša Kerkoš, a highly singular and versatile artist, is dedicated to the youngest readers and as such represents their ideal admission paper into the world of comics literature. This bilingual (Slovenian and English) booklet of questions, published for the Stripburger’s Minumundus collection, makes use of a poetic style of drawing to take the reader to tree canopies and meadows where many unknown and interesting things hide. The book teaches us how to understand visual narratives in images without words and is dedicated to pre-school children, to their parents and to all those young at heart who value curiosity, playfulness and humour. This one-day-only exhibition, part of the Tinta comics festival, will be put on display in different hidden corners of the Kino Šiška venue to invite the youngest visitors to discover the hidden treasures of comics.


The exhibition is accompanied by a visual workshop for children (3-6 years) by Saša Kerkoš where children are going to read Hide and Seek, discover hidden animals, invent their own dialogues, colour the drawings etc … This two-hour workshop will take place on Sunday 12th October from 11.00 on. Applications and additional information:
SAŠA KERKOŠ (1977) is a designer, illustrator, graphic artist, comics artist and workshop mentor. She graduated in visual communications at the ALUO in Ljubljana but later pursued additional education in Helsinki and Zagreb as well. Her works won her several prizes and awards while she presented her opus in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.


Coproduction: Kino Šiška

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