group commercial exhibition

DobraVaga gallery, , Ljubljana

OPENING: Thursday, 10th October, at 20.30

/until 22. 11./


The Tinta comics festival is hosting a group exhibition titled Sequences, dedicated to the exploration of visual narration.


Through the collaboration of the DobraVaga Gallery, the Independent Biennial and the Stripburger magazine, seven selected artists who work at the intersection of comics, illustration and prints will present their current artistic production. Specially for this exhibition, they created triptychs or a series of three narratively linked artistic prints. Their artistic tales in screen printing and risography, which enable various printing experiments, will be available in a limited edition.


The artists: Mina Fina, Igor Hofbauer (HR), Dunja Janković (HR), David Krančan, Nez Pez, Zoran Pungerčar, Leon Zuodar.



Coproduction: Tretaroka /Independent Biennial and Kino Šiška.

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