Stripburger 43

April 2006

In this issue you can find comics about neurosis by Korena Shadmi, story of obsesivity by Milo Waterfield, paranoiac contribution of Sebastien Lumineau, psychotic narrative of Tony Millionaire and an interview with Max Andersson. Special attention is given to travel comics, including comics by Maaike Hartjes from her trip to Slovenia, Peter Kuper and Michael Bartalos from their travel to South America, Rina Ayuyang’s report from a family visit to the Philipines, and Jakob Klemenčič’s contribution from the walk around Ljubljana. Slovenian flavour is represented by newest comics by Matej de Cecco, Jernej Slak and Gašper Rus. Plus reviews, columns, reports and much more. Special English connector added for non-Slovenians.

COVER: Marcel Ruijters (Nizozemska/Netherlands)


COMICS: Igor Hofbauer – HOF (Hrvaška/Croatia), Koren Shadmi (ZDA/USA, Izrael/Israel), Sébastien Lumineau, Sébastien Vassant (Francija/France), Jernej Slak, Matej de Cecco, Gašper Rus (Slovenija/Slovenia), Shooty (Slovaška/Slovakia), Tony Millionaire (ZDA/USA)

TRAVEL COMICS: Jakob Klemenčič (Slovenija/Slovenia), Maaike Hartjes(Nizozemska/Netherlands), Peter Kuper & Michael Bartalos (ZDA/USA), Rina Ayuyang(ZDA/USA), Jeroen Janssen (Belgija/Belgium)

INFO/REVIEWS: Tea Hvala, Ivan Mitrevski, Primož Krašna, Koco, Gaëlle Gerbault, Gašper Rus, Igor Prassel, Matej de Cecco

COLUMN: Anna Ehrlemark

PROFILE: Max Andersson (Švedska/Sweden, Nemčija/Germany)

HONEY TALKS – ARE YOU SCRATCH-BORED?: Miha Perne, Ciril Horjak, Anna Ehrlemark, Pakito Bolino, Leon Zuodar

BACK COVER: Matthias Lehmann (Francija/France)

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