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  • M. S. Bastian

    His heart is 100 % in comics – M.S Bastian – comic artist, painter and poet  Comic fans are probably well familiar with M.S. Bastian. His comic experimentations and explorations have been published around the world. He has exhibited from New York to Paris. His installations and graphic acrobatics transcend the boundaries of classic comic […]

  • Miniburger – dirty dozen and the lucky 13th

    -SPECIAL ISSUE- 312 page collection of mini comics (a box of 12 booklets in b&w and the 13th in full color), August 2004, 10 eur

  • XXX(Strip)burger

    SOLD OUT. August 1999, 216 pages, cover: Julie Doucet.

  • Handyburger

    SOLD OUT. April 1998, 56 pages, cover: Jakob Klemenčič.

  • Stripburger 36

    SOLD OUT. November 2003, 96 pages, cover: Nadia Raviscioni, silkscreened cover printed by Droz.

  • Stripburger 17

    SOLD OUT. December 1997 – January 1998, 88 pages, cover: Amos.

  • Stripburger 13

    SOLD OUT. December 1996 (special edition: collection of postcards), cover: Ivan Grubanov.