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  • A Decade of Comics: Comics in Slovenia 2006-2016

    Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje
    10. 3. – 7. 5. 2017

  • Stripburger 65

    – SOLD OUT – FRESH AND UNIQUE: comics creations by 24 authors of different generations, poetics and aesthetics! May 2015, 96 pages, cover: Bernharda Xilko

  • Stripble

    The Comics Strip Puzzle – a relaxing didactical product from Stripburger kitchen, 2008 – SOLD OUT!

  • Deveta soba

    The Ninth Room – an anthology of comics adaptations of short prose by Vinko Möderndorfer.
    Republika Strip edition #11, May 2008, A4, 96 pgs., 7 eur

  • Slovenski klasiki v stripu

    -THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE!- Slovene Classics in Comics Form – a cult anthology of comics parodies, which shamelessly and refreshingly topple the nation’s great cultural icons from their pedestals. Stripburger and Mladina, Edition O #5, hard covers, 192 p., A4, 2009; 2nd reprint: Dec. 2016, 17 eur

  • Matej de Cecco & Boštjan Gorenc – Pižama: Pilko in Čopka v Narobniji

    -THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE- SOLD OUT! An entertaining mini comic for teenagers about bizarre adventures of girl Tafts, boy Pilko and dog Snifter! Minimundus edition #8, April 2012, 28 pgs., 2 eur

  • Stripburger 45

    June 2007, 96 pages, 6 € for abroad cover by Malin Biller   An unusually high percentage of Slovenian artists in this issue is no coincidence: it is a partial response to accusations coming from some sources saying that Stripburger insufficiently fulfills its function as the main reference point of Slovenian comics, because it supposedly lacks […]

  • Stripburger 43

    April 2006, 96 pages , 6 € for abroad cover by Marcel Ruijters The new Stripburger is out!!! In this issue you can find comics about neurosis by Korena Shadmi, story of obsesivity by Milo Waterfield, paranoiac contribution of Sebastien Lumineau, psychotic narrative of Tony Millionaire and an interview with Max Andersson. Special attention is given to travel comics, including comics by Maaike […]

  • Stripburger 41

    December 2005, 96 pages 6 € for abroad Special attention is dedicated to the comic strips from Slovenia, together with guests star appearances by James Kochalka and Eric Braün. Also an interview with Igor Hofbauer – HOF, a cult poster maker for a Zagreb rock club Močvara and with TerreNoire, presented here with works of Ambre, Lionel Tran and Lucas […]

  • Literatura – Strip

    -THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE!- Special edition of magazine Literatura (163-164) – cross pollination between literature & comics! Literatura & Stripburger, 2005, 232 p., 8 eur