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  • Stripburger 58

    SOLD OUT. December 2012, 96 pages, cover: Lars Sjunnesson.

  • Julie Doucet: Moj newyorški dnevnik

    My New York Diary – the classic graphic novel by the acclaimed and iconic artist Julie Doucet! Ambasada Strip edition #11, 96 pgs., March 2012, 12 eur

  • Joulie Doucet – “Autobiography can become a bad habit, a trap, a mental illness!”

    Mrs. Doucet will remember well this year thanks to a double homage to her work from Slovenian cultural institutions. Apart from having her first graphic novel My New York Diary translated into the Slovenian language, she’s a special guest and jury member at this year’s international animation film festival Animateka in Ljubljana as well. How […]

  • XXX(Strip)burger

    SOLD OUT. August 1999, 216 pages, cover: Julie Doucet.

  • Stripburger 31

    SOLD OUT. December 2001, 88 pages, cover: Henriette Valium.

  • Stripburger 19

    SOLD OUT. September 1998, 96 pages, cover: Ambre.

  • Stripburger 14

    SOLD OUT. April 1997, 89 pages, cover: Bojan Redžić.

  • Stripburger 10

    SOLD OUT. July 1996, 88 pages, cover: Damijan Sovec.