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  • Stripburger 70: 25 years!

    INSIST TO PERSIST: STRIPBURGER’S 25 YEARS! November 2017, 96 pages, cover: Caroline Sury

  • A Decade of Comics: Comics in Slovenia 2006-2016

    Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje
    10. 3. – 7. 5. 2017

  • Marko Kociper: Jazbec in puščavska roža

    -THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE!- Badger and the Desert Rose – 3rd part of Kociper’s comics trilogy, featuring the one and only Badger! Republika Strip edition #24, 2016, 56 čb pgs., A4, 6 eur

  • Stripburger 64

    FRESH ON THE MENU: interview with Danijel Žeželj and the nocturnal programme of radio-comics! November 2014, 96 pages, cover: Danijel Žeželj

  • Stripburger 63

    – SOLD OUT – ATTENTION! RADIO-ACTIVE COMICS! April 2014, 96 pages, cover by: Léo Quievreux

  • Stripburger at THE MILLIONAIRES CLUB in Leipzig

    The Millionaires Club, Leipzig
    14. – 16. 3. 2014

  • Stripburger’s Damn Good 18 / For education and fun

    For education and fun Stripburger’s Damn Good 18 . . . with Kaja Avberšek, Marko Kociper and Saša Kerkoš KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana 12. okt. – 2. nov. 2010       Kaja Avberšek: Singing castle the sugery castle   recipes how to construct orginal instruments Marko Kociper – comics in verses Saša Kerkoš: Fimipidipi   […]

  • Greetings from Cartoonia Posters

    Silkscreen posters, made in 2009 for the Greetings from Cartoonia exhibition, 40 eur each

  • Stripble

    The Comics Strip Puzzle – a relaxing didactical product from Stripburger kitchen, 2008 – SOLD OUT!

  • Vinko Möderndorfer in Marko Kociper: Sveta jeza

    The Holy Rage – a visualised poem by Vinko Möderndorfer, which represents a hard criticism of the
    Slovene transition and its anomalies. Republika Strip edition #17, Oct. 2012, A4, 32 bw pgs., 5 eur

  • Podmazzane zgodbe

    Greased Stories – an anthology of comics adaptations of short prose by Miha Mazzini.
    Republika Strip edition #15, Oct. 2011, 88 pgs., A4, 10 eur

  • Marko Kociper: Jazbec in ostali svet

    Badger and the Rest of the World – 1st part of the first Slovenian vulgarly incorrect saga about Badger’s incredible adventures!, Republika Strip edition #12, August 2009, 64 pgs., A4, 7 eur