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  • Stripburger 70: 25 years!

    SOLD OUT. November 2017, 96 pages, cover: Caroline Sury.

  • A Decade of Comics: Comics in Slovenia 2006-2016

    Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje
    10. 3. – 7. 5. 2017

  • MARKO KOCIPER – A proud representative of the indigenous provincial comics

    Kociper should be already well known to every grandma and grandpa in Slovenia. If not from elsewhere, then at least from the paper they wrap your vegetables in at the marketplace. Not that comics are often found in the contemporary Slovenian periodicals, far from that, it’s more about Marko’s ubiquity in the Slovenian media some […]

  • Marko Kociper: Jazbec in puščavska roža

    -THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE!- Badger and the Desert Rose – 3rd part of Kociper’s comics trilogy, featuring the one and only Badger! Republika Strip edition #24, 2016, 56 čb pgs., A4, 6 eur

  • Stripburger 64

    3 € + around 5 € international shipping. November 2014, 96 pages, cover: Danijel Žeželj.

  • Stripburger 63

    SOLD OUT. April 2014, 96 pages, cover: Léo Quievreux.

  • Stripburger at THE MILLIONAIRES CLUB in Leipzig

    The Millionaires Club, Leipzig
    14. – 16. 3. 2014

  • Stripburger’s Damn Good 18 / For education and fun

    For education and fun Stripburger’s Damn Good 18 . . . with Kaja Avberšek, Marko Kociper and Saša Kerkoš KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana 12. okt. – 2. nov. 2010       Kaja Avberšek: Singing castle the sugery castle   recipes how to construct orginal instruments Marko Kociper – comics in verses Saša Kerkoš: Fimipidipi   […]

  • Greetings from Cartoonia Posters

    Silkscreen posters, made in 2009 for the Greetings from Cartoonia exhibition, 40 eur each

  • Stripble

    The Comics Strip Puzzle – a relaxing didactical product from Stripburger kitchen, 2008 – SOLD OUT!

  • Vinko Möderndorfer in Marko Kociper: Sveta jeza

    The Holy Rage – a visualised poem by Vinko Möderndorfer, which represents a hard criticism of the
    Slovene transition and its anomalies. Republika Strip edition #17, Oct. 2012, A4, 32 bw pgs., 5 eur

  • Podmazzane zgodbe

    Greased Stories – an anthology of comics adaptations of short prose by Miha Mazzini.
    Republika Strip edition #15, Oct. 2011, 88 pgs., A4, 10 eur