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  • Stripburger 70: 25 years!

    INSIST TO PERSIST: STRIPBURGER’S 25 YEARS! November 2017, 96 pages, cover: Caroline Sury

  • Stripburger 69

    SPANISH FEVER and other comics mutations of the self-publishing virus! May 2017, 96 pages, cover: Martín López Lam

  • Stripburger 68

    COMICS UNBOXED: with Anna Ehrlemark, Zoran Smiljanić and many others! November 2016, 96 pages, cover: Anna Ehrlemark

  • Stripburger 58

    – SOLD OUT – AKE JAVEL TO THE RESCUE! Dec. 2012, 96 pages, cover by: Lars Sjunnesson

  • Workburger – custom made product with a flawless defect

    -SPECIAL ISSUE- It’s all about work! An international comics anthology featuring comics from some 50 artist on the topic of contemporary work. Stripburger # 59-60, Dec. 2012, 224 p., b&w, in English, 16 eur

  • Stripburger 56

    – SOLD OUT – RECIPES FOR DEMANDING GOURMANDS! Dec 2011, 96 pages, cover by: Matej Stupica

  • Stripburger 52

    – SOLD OUT – CONTEMPORARY CZECH COMICS AND MORE! Dec. 2009, 96 pages, cover by: Matej Kocjan Koco

  • Stripburger 43

    April 2006, 96 pages , 6 € for abroad cover by Marcel Ruijters The new Stripburger is out!!! In this issue you can find comics about neurosis by Korena Shadmi, story of obsesivity by Milo Waterfield, paranoiac contribution of Sebastien Lumineau, psychotic narrative of Tony Millionaire and an interview with Max Andersson. Special attention is given to travel comics, including comics by Maaike […]

  • Stripburger 37

    sold out May 2004, 96 pages Cover: Max Andersson & Lars Sjunnesson Special bloc dedicated to new Russian comics with participating artists: Aleksandr Jegorov, Leonid Tiškov, Xixyc, Askold Akišin,Alim Velitov, Rei, Ilja Savčenkov, German Križanovski, Igor Kolgarjov. Other participating artists: Max Andersson, Lars Sjunnesson (Švedska, Nemčija/Sweden, Germany), Alejandro Alvarez (Argentina), Pascal D. Bohr (Nemčija/Germany), Manoi (Francija/France), Vladan Nikolić (Srbija in Črna Gora/Serbia and Montenegro), Andreja Kladnik, Tomaž Lavrič, Primož Krašna (Slovenia/Slovenija), Jerome Degive, Rayman (Belgija, […]

  • Literatura – Strip

    -THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE!- Special edition of magazine Literatura (163-164) – cross pollination between literature & comics! Literatura & Stripburger, 2005, 232 p., 8 eur