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  • Ciril Horjak: Mostovi 2

    -THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE!- Bridges 2 – a comic book by Ciril Horjak alias dr. Horowitz & Iztok Lovrić, Gašper Rus, Miroslav Lazendić, Vladan Nikolić, Wostok. Republika Strip edition #10, Dec. 2007, A4, 72 pgs., 7 eur

  • Honey Talks – comics inspired by painted beehive panels

    -SPECIAL ISSUE- sold out! February 2006 box of 9 booklets, 256 pages of comics plus an introductory text 22 € for far away lands The most recent edition of Stripburger combines things seemingly uncombinable. Honey Talks is a collection of comics inspired by a form of Slovene folk art, namely painted beehive panels. Painted beehive panels […]

  • Miniburger – dirty dozen and the lucky 13th

    -SPECIAL ISSUE- 312 page collection of mini comics (a box of 12 booklets in b&w and the 13th in full color), August 2004, 10 eur

  • Madburger – comics questioning sanity

    -SPECIAL ISSUE- sold out August 2002, 216 pages This time the subheadline reads “Comics Questioning Sanity” and we’re showing off fresh, radical, non-moralizing and even humorous submissions that will hopefully shatter the taboo called madness. Covered by a brainstorming painting by Matthias Lehmann, the 216 pages are filled with stories about living with madness, madness […]

  • Stripburek – comics from the other Europe

    SOLD OUT. 2001, 216 pages, cover: Jakob Klemenčič.

  • Stripburger 44

    SOLD OUT. December 2006, 96 pages, cover: Craoman.

  • Stripburger 37

    SOLD OUT. May 2004, 96 pages, cover: Max Andersson, Lars Sjunnesson.

  • Stripburger 31

    SOLD OUT. December 2001, 88 pages, cover: Henriette Valium.