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  • AKINORI OISHI: “This apple is really beautiful! I’ll put my wee lil’ man next to it and take a photo of them together.”

    This issue of Stripburger features a Japanese artist, illustrator, designer and sometimes even comics artist Akinori Oishi and his always happy face. Aki’s tiny and constantly smiling characters appear in magazines, newspapers and books, they conquer shop windows, gallery walls, even building facades, they follow him to artistic residences and strut as mascots at different […]

  • Matej DE CECCO in Boštjan Gorenc – PIŽAMA – Šnofi’s gang

    Matej de Cecco and Boštjan Gorenc – Pižama, an artist and writer tandem that creates youth comics are a rare occurrence on the domestic comic scene. For the past seven years they have been bringing joy to PIL’s readers with their comics and their work was recently published in an album form for the second time. The […]