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  • NINA BUNJEVAC: “When you deal with topics such as radicalism, politics and history, there is no place for sentimentalism.”

    A roaring thunder was heard across the comics scenes in former Yugoslavia and everyone winced as Nina Bunjevac’s debut entitled Heartless was released. Later, a thunderous lightning struck the unsuspecting scene, and everybody who hadn’t winced before turned around in amazement: “What happened?” This time, Fatherland, Nina’s second book, stirred up the pot and raised […]

  • Marijan Pušavec: “Comics have a potentially subversive potential that can be expressed without words.”

    Everyone who is familiar with the greatest achievements of the domestic comics production knows Marijan Pušavec. Together with Zoran Smiljanić they have been creating the extensive historical narrative Meksinajnarji for quite a while now. As if that wasn’t enough to place him on the Slovenian comics Parnassus, Pušavec raised the comics-writing standards even higher. Together […]