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  • ZORAN SMILJANIĆ – “You need to kill your gods, no matter how big and important they are.”

    Zoran Smiljanić, a seasoned veteran of comics, a cinephile and a publicist, has a plethora of iconic albums behind him and an even greater amount of new ideas and plans in front of him. A long decade of hard work done by him and the scriptwriter Marijan Pušavec has resulted in the longest Slovenian comic […]

  • ANNA EHRLEMARK: Refined Leftovers

    Anna Ehrlemark is a comics artist, illustrator and linguist. In Ljubljana, where she lived for almost eight years, and especially in the Autonomous Cultural Center Metelkova mesto, she is also known as the ‘invisible hand’ behind two large murals: one of a rat (Metelkova’s symbol) drawn in collaboration with the London-based artist Andrea Piro, and […]