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  • Deveta soba

    The Ninth Room – an anthology of comics adaptations of short prose by Vinko Möderndorfer.
    Republika Strip edition #11, May 2008, A4, 96 pgs., 7 eur

  • Ču ču čaki

    -THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE!- Choo Choo Wait – mini comics anthology about traveling by train and waiting. Edition O #7, January 2010, 172 p., 7 eur

  • Slovenski klasiki v stripu

    -THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE!- Slovene Classics in Comics Form – a cult anthology of comics parodies, which shamelessly and refreshingly topple the nation’s great cultural icons from their pedestals. Stripburger and Mladina, Edition O #5, hard covers, 192 p., A4, 2009; 2nd reprint: Dec. 2016, 17 eur

  • Andrej Štular: Kompost

    -THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE!- Compost – a collection of thematically diverse short works by Andrej Štular. Forum Ljubljana and Muzeji radovljiške občine, Edition O #3, 2008, 72 p., 7 eur

  • Andrej Štular – Good Day, Animals!

    Andrej Štular was born in the end of the sixties in Kranj, where he still lives and creates. His creation is diffused in all directions as is his comic storytelling. He has taken up photography, sculpture, film, animation … Lately, he has been focusing more on puppetry with his life companion Petra Stare, with whom […]

  • Andrej Štular: Živa sem!

    My Name is Živa! – a story about little girl who is not afraid of anything! Minimundus edition #6, 56 bw pgs., March 2011, 7 eur

  • Workburger – custom made product with a flawless defect

    -SPECIAL ISSUE- It’s all about work! An international comics anthology featuring comics from some 50 artist on the topic of contemporary work. Stripburger # 59-60, Dec. 2012, 224 p., b&w, in English, 16 eur

  • Greetings from Cartoonia – The Essential Guide of the Land of Comics

    -SPECIAL ISSUE- Welcome to Cartoonia land! 12 European comics artists gathered “objects of inspiration” from each others’ homelands, what emerged is a completely new, transnational entity. Stripburger #50-51, Oct. 2009, 216 pages, b&w, in English, 12 eur

  • Madburger – comics questioning sanity

    -SPECIAL ISSUE- sold out August 2002, 216 pages This time the subheadline reads “Comics Questioning Sanity” and we’re showing off fresh, radical, non-moralizing and even humorous submissions that will hopefully shatter the taboo called madness. Covered by a brainstorming painting by Matthias Lehmann, the 216 pages are filled with stories about living with madness, madness […]

  • Mini Burger

    SOLD OUT. December 2000, special issue.

  • XXX(Strip)burger

    SOLD OUT. August 1999, 216 pages, cover: Julie Doucet.

  • Stripburger 54

    2,50 € + around 5 € international shipping. December 2010, 96 pages, cover: Daniel Bueno.