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  • ZORAN SMILJANIĆ – “You need to kill your gods, no matter how big and important they are.”

    Zoran Smiljanić, a seasoned veteran of comics, a cinephile and a publicist, has a plethora of iconic albums behind him and an even greater amount of new ideas and plans in front of him. A long decade of hard work done by him and the scriptwriter Marijan Pušavec has resulted in the longest Slovenian comic […]

  • ANNA EHRLEMARK: Refined Leftovers

    Anna Ehrlemark is a comics artist, illustrator and linguist. In Ljubljana, where she lived for almost eight years, and especially in the Autonomous Cultural Center Metelkova mesto, she is also known as the ‘invisible hand’ behind two large murals: one of a rat (Metelkova’s symbol) drawn in collaboration with the London-based artist Andrea Piro, and […]

  • NINA BUNJEVAC: “When you deal with topics such as radicalism, politics and history, there is no place for sentimentalism.”

    A roaring thunder was heard across the comics scenes in former Yugoslavia and everyone winced as Nina Bunjevac’s debut entitled Heartless was released. Later, a thunderous lightning struck the unsuspecting scene, and everybody who hadn’t winced before turned around in amazement: “What happened?” This time, Fatherland, Nina’s second book, stirred up the pot and raised […]

  • Marijan Pušavec: “Comics have a potentially subversive potential that can be expressed without words.”

    Everyone who is familiar with the greatest achievements of the domestic comics production knows Marijan Pušavec. Together with Zoran Smiljanić they have been creating the extensive historical narrative Meksinajnarji for quite a while now. As if that wasn’t enough to place him on the Slovenian comics Parnassus, Pušavec raised the comics-writing standards even higher. Together […]

  • OLAF LADOUSSE: On Bureks and Doorags

    Olaf Ladousse is a ‘one of a kind’. This charmer with a franco-spanish accent is much more than one could imagine by merely reading his comics – although hints there are telling enough. This hardened veteran of the zine scene harbours a strong love for music as well. In his work, it crosses the boundaries […]

  • NICOLAS PRESL – Enough Words

    Strictly speaking, reading Nicolas Presl’s comics is always finished once you have read the title. The letter sequences are replaced by image sequences that silently narrate the stories. However, his deliberate decision to focus on wordless comics never represents a compromise in the story complexity. On the contrary, his multilayered and unique stories represent one […]

  • AKINORI OISHI: “This apple is really beautiful! I’ll put my wee lil’ man next to it and take a photo of them together.”

    This issue of Stripburger features a Japanese artist, illustrator, designer and sometimes even comics artist Akinori Oishi and his always happy face. Aki’s tiny and constantly smiling characters appear in magazines, newspapers and books, they conquer shop windows, gallery walls, even building facades, they follow him to artistic residences and strut as mascots at different […]

  • Matej DE CECCO in Boštjan Gorenc – PIŽAMA – Šnofi’s gang

    Matej de Cecco and Boštjan Gorenc – Pižama, an artist and writer tandem that creates youth comics are a rare occurrence on the domestic comic scene. For the past seven years they have been bringing joy to PIL’s readers with their comics and their work was recently published in an album form for the second time. The […]

  • DANIJEL ŽEŽELJ – Total authorship means total responsibility.

    Ever since I’ve started reading comics, I knew I liked them because of the cool drawings. Being a well-read bookworm at that time, I was able to experience better stories elsewhere, mind you, so it was the visuals in the comics that gave them a distinct advantage over literature. The choice of comics wasn’t as […]

  • MARKO KOCIPER – A proud representative of the indigenous provincial comics

    Kociper should be already well known to every grandma and grandpa in Slovenia. If not from elsewhere, then at least from the paper they wrap your vegetables in at the marketplace. Not that comics are often found in the contemporary Slovenian periodicals, far from that, it’s more about Marko’s ubiquity in the Slovenian media some […]

  • Ivana Armanini – Technology to the People!

    It happens more and more often that we end up interviewing people for whom it is harder to say that they are purely and simply comic strip artists. Nowadays more and more cartoonists are fighting for their daily bread on several fronts at the same time. Some take up photography, others do animation or illustration, […]

  • Ciril Horjak a.k.a. Dr. Horowitz – Draws so clearly that even cats would understand him.

    Dr. Horowitz, as Ciril Horjak calls himself, is a unique phenomenon in the Slovenian cultural space. He flies unrestrainedly from project to project, he is an active member of society who lectures on comics, participates in the Risanka [cartoon, translator’s note] radio broadcast, while at the same time regularly taking care of comic strips and […]