Stripburger at the Tabook Festival

Stripburger magazine at the Tabook festival in Czech Republic
1st–3rd October 2020, Tabor, Czech Republic

The Tabook festival that takes place yearly at the beginning of October in the Czech town of Tabor is dedicated to small quality publishers. It is organized by the Czech publisher Baobab and aimed at connecting readers, artists, writers, publishers, librarians and all others who are interested in authorial work in the fields of illustration and comics. The festival includes several different events all around the city: exhibitions, live readings, lectures, performances, panels, concerts and whatnot.

Upon our invitation to the festival, we planned to attend the small publishers’ fair and hold a comics workshop, however we had to cancel our attendance due to the current epidemiological situation in the country. We are, however, present at the festival that is taking place in an abridged version, with our publications at the festival’s book fair.

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International activities of the Stripburger magazine are co-funded by the Slovenian Book Agency.