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Stripburger, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is an internationally renowned comics magazine and an independent publisher of comics and graphic novels. Stripburger has been publishing international and Slovenian comics authors with personal styles and stories for over 30 years.

Alongside the magazine, Stripburger/Forum Ljubljana also publishes comic books and graphic novel, original works by established and promising Slovenian comics authors as well as translations. The book programme includes original comics for readers of all generations: educational biographies of renowned personalities, historical comics, folk tales, short stories, poetry in comics and many other delicious things.

You can check out & download our latest catalog of Slovenian Comics for Adults HERE!

You can check out & download our latest catalog of Slovenian Comics for Young Readers HERE!

Full English translations & digital samples available upon request.

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Funding opportunities for foreign publishers:
Slovenian Book Agency awards grants to foreign publishers for the translation and printing costs of books by Slovenian authors. Additionally, it also offers mobility grants for Slovenian authors who are invited to literary events abroad.
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