Stripburger 64


November 2014, 96 pages
(3,00 € + around 5,00 € international shipping)

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A ripe pear falls from the tree all by itself, as the old saying goes, and the same is true for the autumn issue of Stripburger that’s been maturing for you since the early spring. May this juicy and rich selection of not-quite-ordinary comics by a plethora of international artists illuminate for you the coming cold months of winter.

We were recently visited by the Croatian maestro of visual narration Danijel Žeželj, so we took the opportunity to present and discuss his work in the interview. The other victim of our regular interrogations was our good ol’ adopted artist Marko Kociper. You’re kindly invited to stay tuned for the nocturnal programme of radio-comics! Lend an ear and an eye to this complement to the previous issue that featured radio-comics in collaboration with Radio Študent.

A special guest is already confirmed for the next issue, a prominent comics artist from far-off Japan at that! Akinori Oishi, the resident guest artist at this year’s Animateka – the international festival of animation – will present his comics impressions from Ljubljana in the next issue of Stripburger.

So lean back, tune in to the frequency and let the comics speak to you in all their diversity and expression! The autumn may be full of colours, but we’re still (mostly) in black & white.

COVERDanijel Žeželj (Croatia/USA)

INSIDE COVERJoseph Pentangelo (USA)

COMICSDanijel Žeželj (Croatia/USA), Alex PottsPaul O’ConnellHurk (Great Britain), Boris StanićVuk Palibrk (Serbia), Marko KociperMatej Stupica (Slovenia), Flora KamAmina Bouajila (France), Lamelos collective – Aleks Deurloo, Boris Peeters, Jeroen Funke in Sam Peeters (Netherlands), Anna Krztoń (Poland), Malin Biller (Sweden)

INTERVIEWSDanijel Žeželj (Croatia/USA), Marko Kociper (Slovenia)

REVIEWS: Matej Kocjan – Koco (Gašper Rus: A Colorful Bunch; Iztok Sitar: Čudaki ljubijo drugače: Ljubezenske zgodbe iz Poljanske doline), Špela Oberstar (Guy Delisle: A User’s Guide to Neglectful Parenting) in Gašper Rus (Ivan Mitrevski: Mala Nadja in še manjša Barbara)

INSIDE BACK COVERAkinori Oishi (Japan)

BACK COVERDāvis Ozols (Latvia)



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