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  • Blanquet

    How do you feel right now, as a comic artist, an animator or an illustrator, perhaps even as a pupeteer? I feel like there are couple of personalities living inside of me at all times. In the morning I feel like drawing. In the afternoon I want to make a film and in the evening […]

  • Warburger

    -SPECIAL ISSUE- sold out Warburger, 400 pages, 2003 cover art by Stephane Blanquet About the cover artist: Comics: Born in 1973, Stephane Blanquet is the author of many comics books (“Mon Placard”,”Guimauve”, “Viande Froide et Cie”, “A l’intérieur… des tętes” and “Mon Méchant Moi”…) edited by independent publishers (L’Association, Cornélius, Jochen Enterprises, Le Dernier Cri, Tabasco […]

  • Stripburger 41

    2,50 € + around 5 € international shipping. December 2005, 96 pages, cover: Igor Hofbauer.

  • Stripburger 39

    SOLD OUT. November 2004, 96 pages, cover: Stu Mead.

  • Stripburger 19

    SOLD OUT. September 1998, 96 pages, cover: Ambre.