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  • Stripburger 61

    SOLD OUT. May 2013, 96 pages, cover: Bendik Kaltenborn.

  • Jason – J is for Jason!

      In the late nineties, when Jason’s comics began appearing in Stripburger, their style was completely different than today. It is still grimly witty and movie-style paced, but nonetheless unrecognisable. His transformation from the artist doing expressive human faces into the artist doing stylised animals that live according to movie scripts is still hard to […]

  • Madburger – comics questioning sanity

    -SPECIAL ISSUE- sold out August 2002, 216 pages This time the subheadline reads “Comics Questioning Sanity” and we’re showing off fresh, radical, non-moralizing and even humorous submissions that will hopefully shatter the taboo called madness. Covered by a brainstorming painting by Matthias Lehmann, the 216 pages are filled with stories about living with madness, madness […]

  • Stripburger 29

    SOLD OUT. May 2001, 88 pages, cover: Esgar Acelerado.

  • Stripburger 26

    SOLD OUT. May 2000, 88 pages, cover: Mr. Stocca.

  • Stripburger 21

    SOLD OUT. May 1999, 88 pages, cover: Danijel Žeželj.