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  • Nicolas Presl: Sin očeta medveda

    Son of the Father Bear – a mute graphic novel by the French artist Nicolas Presl brings a shocking story of coexistence between humans and animals! Ambasada Strip edition #19, dec. 2016, 236 bw pgs., 12 eur in Slovenia

  • NICOLAS PRESL – Enough Words

    Strictly speaking, reading Nicolas Presl’s comics is always finished once you have read the title. The letter sequences are replaced by image sequences that silently narrate the stories. However, his deliberate decision to focus on wordless comics never represents a compromise in the story complexity. On the contrary, his multilayered and unique stories represent one […]

  • Stripburger 66

    3 € + around 5 € international shipping. December 2015, 96 pages, cover: Brecht Vandenbroucke.