Attention, work! in Zagreb

multimedia exhibition – original comic art, posters, objects and installations
over 140 works by 50 artist from 12 countries

Opening: Friday, December 12, 2015 at 20 p.m.
SC Gallery, Savska 25, Zagreb, Croatia
On display until December 29, 2015.

Stripburger’s travelling exhibition Attention, work! continues its international journey – it will be on display from December 12, 2015 at SC Gallery in Zagreb, Croatia.

The Attention, work! exhibition was originally conceived as the counterpart to the Stripburger’s international comics anthology titled Workburger. The multimedia exhibition, inspired by the the dynamic social situation and the changing role of work, features some of the finest works of world-renowned craftsmen/craftswomen of the comics medium. It started in 2013 in a Coal Mining Museum in Slovenia and continued its tour through Fortress Europe, visiting numerous international comics festivals on it’s international journey.

If you’ll be anywhere near Zagreb in December, make sure to visit the exhibition at SC Gallery. You’ll have to judge for yourself, but we’re pretty much convinced that you’ll see only comics that really work!

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