Stripburger #82

COVER: L.L. de Mars (FR)
SOAPBOX: Domen Finžgar (SI)
PROFILE:  L.L. de Mars (FR)
INTERVIEW: Mikael Ross (DE)
COMICS: L.L. de Mars (FR), Đorđe Kamenarović (ME), Bohdana Zaiats (UA), Lucie Lučanská (CZ), Malcy Duff (SCT), Lars Sjunnesson (SE), Nuka Horvat (SI), Klara Kracina (SI), Lena Uranjek (SI), Bernarda Lavrač (SI), Hana Černivec (SI), Neža Štular (SI), Andrej Štular (SI)
BACK COVER: Andrej Štular (SI)

COVER: Malcy Duff
REFLECTION: Malcy Duff (The Pink Crumbs. Finding Mess in the Neatness of Comic Books)
REVIEWS: Matevž Rems (Jurij Devetak: Nekropola), Katja Štesl (Ivan Mitrevski: Nevidna življenja), Gašper Rus (Katarina Šeme: Sumatra), Lea Sande (Nino Bulling: Firebugs)
A NOTE ON DESIGN: Anja Delbello & Aljaž Vesel

December 2023, A4-, 120 pages: 96 magazine + 24 supplement

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Stripburger #82: Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes!

‘Perhaps it is time to allow ourselves to draw the world as we really see and feel it’, wonders Domen Finžgar in the 82th issue of Stripburger, who in the Soapbox provocatively takes us on the path of reflection, whether comics (or art in general) can escape stereotypical images and expectations in depicting the real world.

We also talked about the search for a balance between true stories and fiction with the excellent German comic artist Mikael Ross, who visited us on the occasion of the release of the Slovenian translation of the comic book Der Umfall, a warm and multifaceted narrative about the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. Moreover, in the Profile, we present in more detail the extremely prolific French comic artist, unrestrained experimenter and ‘rebellious’ artistic erudite L.L. de Mars, who is to blame also for this issue’s cover.

Of course, the present issue would not be complete without a bunch of fresh as well as already proven exciting names from the increasingly budding domestic comics scene (beware, the Slovenian cast this time occupies more than half of the index!) and many other places, who with their short comics draw out the multiplicity of possible worlds within comic frames.

Furthermore, the pink crumbs of the eraser also led the Scottish comic artist Malcy Duff to reflect on the discovery of chaos in the orderliness of comics, which you can read in this edition of the Compendium, where you can also find a fresh dose of reviews, written by Matevž Rems (about the comic book adaptation of Jurij Devetak’s Necropolis), Katja Štesl (about Ivan Mitrevsky’s Invisible Lives), Gašper Rus (about Katarina Šeme’s debut titled Sumatra) and Lea Sande (about Nino Bulling’s Figebugs).

Or, according to Malcy Duff: ‘A comic frame contains the whole world.’ So just pick up Stripburger – your drawn window to the world!

RELEASED: December 2023, format A4-, 120 pages: 96 magazine + 24 supplement, language: English-Slovene, offset printed locally in Slovenia.
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