solo exhibition
Meduza gallery, Koper
OPENING: Friday, 4th October 2019, at 19.00
/until 22. 11./

Andrej Štular confirms again that he’s in excellent creative shape with this exhibition with which he tries to test the boundaries of different visual disciplines, spicing them up with restless recycling and his skilful ready-made-making. Štular seeks what needs to be found: a rediscovered beauty of everyday material and images in his hands turn into meaningful and lyrical creations that tap into the historical cultural and social milieu. His exhibition in Koper brings about a diverse selection of his latest works from recent years: selected drawings, collages and objects, but mostly short comics and a set of original pages from his older comic books.

ANDREJ ŠTULAR (1967) makes use of various visual techniques and media in his art. His works, often a result of recycling and reworking, regularly deal with the sphere of domestic psychopathology, and also with the human Being, human identity and his place within the framework of the contemporary world. Štular is an artist with admirable experience in the field of all kinds of marginal visual practices who’s able to challenge the viewer with his humour and freshness time and time again.


Photo: DK
Opening time: Mon–Fri: 10.00–15.00
Coproduction: Obalne galerije Piran