ARARA’s Printed Jungle


Galerija Alkatraz (AKC Metelkova mesto), Ljubljana

OPENING: Tuesday, November 18th, 2014, at 20.00.
DURATION: until December 9th 2014.


arara02The gallery in Metelkova Mesto is being taken over by the graphic DIY laboratory from Porto, Portugal, which is going to present yet another grassroots art initiative to the local audience, an initiative that strives to transcend the established visual and production practices. Oficina Arara pulsates and vibrates as a lively multifunctional art collective characterized by an experimental and playful attitude towards art. This monumental graphic installation, presented in Slovenia for the first time, consists of an eclectic selection of works created by the members of the collective in the last few years.
A major part of their work is based on the silkscreen technique, combined with other graphic and painting techniques in an extremely experimental manner, in order to accentuate aspects of organicism and materiality of artistic prints with a pronounced visual freshness and humor. The exhibition features a special open-air exhibition project and a mask creation workshop as well.

OFICINA ARARA was established in 2010, founded by a group of individuals with different artistic provenances (Miguel Carneiro, Dayana Lucas, Luís Silva, Bruno Borges, David Ferreira, Daniela Duarte, Pedro Nora and others). The group operates in Porto, Portugal, where they dispose of a studio of their own inside an abandoned industrial hangar. This building, if necessary, can be transformed into a lively cultural venue where concerts, exhibitions and workshops can take place. They mostly create hand-printed posters, books, music record covers etc. using the basic elements of drawing, painting, street art and comics. They carry out their own artistic author’s projects as well as different printing commissions for other artists and cultural associations. Their projects are often on display in public urban spaces. They also took part of the “Attention, work!” exhibition.

OPENING HOURS: Monday-Thursday: 11.00-15.00 and 16.00-20.00; Friday: 15.00-23.00; Saturday, Sunday and holidays: closed.

The project is funded by the Instituto Camoes Portugal – Ministério dos negócios estrageiros.
Coproducer: Galerija Alkatraz/KUD Mreža.