Caroline Sury: Voodoo Reality


Coauthors: Ludovic Ameline, Nicolas Binot
Alkatraz Gallery
, 3 Dec 2017 and 5–9 Dec 2017 at 17.00
Duration: 10’

Caroline Sury

A virtual reality experience will add entirely new visual and sensory dimensions to the Alkatraz Gallery as the authors – Caroline Sury, Ludovic Ameline (set designer) and Nicolas Binot (motion designer) – take the visitors around the exhibition using VR glasses. The performative act will turn the world of Caroline Sury’s 2D works on paper into an unforgettable 3D graphic experience.

The visitors will have an active role in the performance, a puppet theatre of a kind. The authors will select an “intermediary” to film the performance with VR glasses and act as the main catalyst of the experience. Together, they will explore this person’s senses: sight, smell, and sound. Other visitors will experience the virtual choreography through the projection of the recording in real time.

Alkatraz Gallery opening times on Sunday, 3 Dec: 11.00 –15.00, 16.00–20.00, on Saturday, 9 Dec. 2017: 15.00–23.00 /