O editions

Slovenski klasiki v stripu

THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE! Slovene Classics in Comics Form - a cult anthology of comics parodies, which shamelessly and refreshingly topple the nation’s great cultural icons from their pedestals. Stripburger and Mladina, Edition O #5, hard covers, 192 p., A4, 2009; 2nd reprint: Dec. 2016, 17 €.

Minimundus Editions

Marjan Manček: Hribci kremeniti

THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE! The Hillies - a popular collection of one-page stories revolving around a curious Stone Age family and their humorous adventures for all generations! Minimundus edition #7, 96 pgs., 2011/2013 (1st re-print), 12 €.