Stripburger 53

May 2010, 96 pages

The end is approaching but every ending hides a new beginning!

This issue is not Czech nor Swedish or Uzbeki (by the way, we have not published an any Uzbeki comics yet) but it is colourfully mixed. In an extensive interview you will get to know “the most controversial Slovenian comics artist”, as Ninel (a. k. a. Iztok Sitar) calls himself in The History of Slovenian Cartoon 1927 – 2007 that surprises us with so called “literalized” comics, specially created for the actual issue. In an analitical thinking The Slovene Comic Delay you are going to read what the trends in the actual cartoon are, especially the one that juggles with the cartoon form.

Among the debutants we would like to emphasize Alessandro Tota (IT/FR) and his intrigant urban story La Corda as well as an excellent Serbian author Boris Stanić whose story about memories Radosav fills up the pages in colours of Stripburger #53. New to the readers are also the following authors: Miguel CarneiroMarco Mendes (both PT), duo Berliac (ZDA/AR), Vojtech Domlatil (CZ) and Paul Ashley (UK). While the stars will be falling on the Earth you will be able to enjoy the comics stories of already known artists Zograf and Maja Veselinović (RS) (both originally created for the lat book of the Mostovi/Bridges trilogy initiated by Ciril Horjak), König Lü Q (CH), Alberto Vazquez (ES), Elena Uzhinova (RU), Kapreles (FR), Ilia Kitupa (RU), Vhrsti (CZ) and the mighty handful of Slovene comics artists: KocaDomna FinzgarjaKaje Avbersek and Gasper Rus (SI).

We wish you a pleasant reading and lots of joy at collapsing of the world!

FRONT AND BACK COVER: Milan Erič (Slovenia)

INSIDE COVERS: Matej Lavrenčič (Slovenia)

COMICS: Alessandro Tota (Italy, France), Zograf, Boris Stanić, Maja Veselinović (Serbia), Iztok Sitar, Koco, Domen Finžgar, Kaja Avberšek, Gašper Rus (Slovenia), Vojtech Domlatil, Vhrsti (Czech Republic), Kapreles (Belgium), Paul Ashley Brown (Great Britain), Peter Kuper (USA), Sofía Berge (USA) & Berliac (Argentina), Alberto Vázquez (Spain), Ilia Kitup (Russia, Germany), Marco Mendes, Miguel Carneiro (Portugal), Elena Uzhinova (Russia), König Lü.Q. (Switzerland)

INTERVIEWS: Iztok Sitar (Slovenia)

REVIEWS: Kaja Avberšek (Christophe Chabouté: Sam samcat / Tout SeulMassive), Domen Finžgar (Matti Hagelberg: HolmenkollenSlovenska stripovska zamuda), Koco (Tomaž Lavrič: Ekstremni športi 2), Bojan Albahari (Ustavite Lavriča!)


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