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  • Stripburger 70: 25 years!

    INSIST TO PERSIST: STRIPBURGER’S 25 YEARS! November 2017, 96 pages, cover: Caroline Sury

  • Ciril Horjak: Mostovi 2

    -THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE!- Bridges 2 – a comic book by Ciril Horjak alias dr. Horowitz & Iztok Lovrić, Gašper Rus, Miroslav Lazendić, Vladan Nikolić, Wostok. Republika Strip edition #10, Dec. 2007, A4, 72 pgs., 7 eur

  • Wostok – Authentic, balls-deep!

    Everybody have read him everybody knows him; some of you even missed him. Danilo Milošev, AKA Wostok, AKA Mediocre, the most famous citizen of Vršac that was published in Stripburger, returns to the scene after years of silence more bizarre than ever. With incredible speed he managed to compensate for the time that was lost, […]

  • Madburger – comics questioning sanity

    -SPECIAL ISSUE- sold out August 2002, 216 pages This time the subheadline reads “Comics Questioning Sanity” and we’re showing off fresh, radical, non-moralizing and even humorous submissions that will hopefully shatter the taboo called madness. Covered by a brainstorming painting by Matthias Lehmann, the 216 pages are filled with stories about living with madness, madness […]

  • Stripburek

    -SPECIAL ISSUE- sold out Stripburek – comics from the other Europe, 216 pages, 2001 cover art by Jakob Klemenčič

  • Stripburek – comics from behind the rusty iron curtain

    sold out November 1997

  • Stripburger 44

    sold out Dec. 2006, 96 pages  cover by Craoman coeditors: Morgan Charpentier, Gaelle Gerbault Stripburger 44 released in November 2006 brings works by artists from international field. In the profile we’re presenting Vladan Nikolic, who exhibited comics, illustrations and paintings in October 2006 in Ljubljana. A special section is devoted to association Les Requins Marteaux, that created comics on […]

  • Stripburger 17

    sold out December 1997 – January 1998 Cover: Amos

  • Stripburger 14

    sold out April 1997 Cover: Bojan Redžić

  • Stripburger 13

    sold out Stripburger # XIII – the postcard set on the human rights theme December 1996 Naslovnica: Ivan Grubanov

  • Stripburger 10

    sold out July 1996 Cover: Damijan Sovec

  • Stripburger 9

    sold out February 1996 Cover: Jakob Klemenčič The first issue this year, Stripburger 9, contains comic strips applied to another public invitation held last year, issued by the editorial stuff of Stripburger in cooperation with the Zivozeleni (Livinggreen) informal ecological group from Ljubljana. It contains works on ecological problems, produced by 59 authors from Slovenia, […]