Meet us in Bologna!

811 April 2024, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Italy


Stripburger shall be presented at the the Bologna Children’s Book Fair at which Slovenia is the guest of honour this year, between 8 and 11 April 2024.

At the invitation of the organisers of the fair and in collaboration with the Slovenian Book Agency, Stripburger will be presented independently in the Comics Corner. In recent years, it has gained an increasing attention at the fair and become a lively meeting place for everyone involved in creating and publishing comics, as evidenced by an ever-greater number of exhibitors from all over the world every year. On this occasion, we also prepared a fresh presentation catalogue of our comic book editions for children and youth in English, intended for the foreign publishing public and for the promotion of Slovenian comic authors abroad.

Two members of the editorial team of the magazine, David Krančan and Tanja Skale, shall participate in the fair event dedicated to Slovenian comics, which will take place as part of the Authors Café. They will present the rich history and wide range of activities of Stripburger, which has been cultivating and promoting domestic comics creativity for more than three decades. Izar Lunaček from Stripolis Institute, who, together with Stripburger and Kino Šiška – Centre for Urban Culture, co-organises the Tinta comics festival in Ljubljana, will take part in the conversation.

As part of Translators’ Café, there will be a discussion about translated Slovenian comic books, in which David Krančan will also participate (the recent Italian translation of his latest comic book for children, entitled Little Mara, which he created in collaboration with the scriptwriter Jurij Bobič, will be published by Trieste publishing house ZTT EST.)

Several authors who published their comics under the auspices of Stripburger magazine will also be presented at the exhibition of Slovenian illustration, which will be on display at the book fair as part of Slovenia’s guest of honour, namely: Maja Kastelic, Igor Šinkovec, Tanja Komadina, Jure Engelsberger, Anka Kočevar, Marjan Manček, Miha Hančič, Ciril Horjak, Tomaž Lavrič, Izar Lunaček in Zoran Smiljanić.

Furthermore, Stripburger magazine will be presented also in the Titivil galley and book store in the city centre, where it will be possible to view and leaf through the latest editions of the magazine, including the special jubilee comics anthology entitled Dirty Thirty, which was published on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the magazine. In addition, our editors David Krančan and Tanja Skale will discuss independent comics and artistic production and publishing at the event that we are preparing in Titivil in collaboration with Czech publishing house Xao.



Find us and our books in the Comics Corner (Hall 30, D24-F29) and at the Slovenian national stand (Hall 29, C32/D319).

You can download our latest catalog of Slovenian Comics for Young Readers HERE.


Tuesday, 9 April 2024, 13:30 // Authors Café, Bologna Book Fair
Great Stories from a Small Country: Slovenian Comics Today, talk
Speakers: David Krančan and Tanja Skale (Stripburger), Izar Lunaček (Stripolis)
Moderator: Alessio Trabacchini (Hamelin)
Organised by: Hamelin, Bologna Book Fair, Slovenian Book Agency


Tuesday, 9 April 2024, 18:00 // Titivil, Via Mascarella 31/A, Bologna
XAO x Stripburger: Making a Scene, presentation
Speakers: David Krančan, Tanja Skale (Stripburger), Jakub Plachý, Zuzana Bramborová, Klára Zahrádková (Xao)
Organised by: XAO, Stripburger/Forum Ljubljana and Titivil.

Get to know the latest and greatest new releases of Czech and Slovenenian independent comics and illustration scene. Current editions and activities of the Czech pocket publishing house Xao and the Slovenian comics magazine Stripburger will be presented by the creators and members of both editorial teams.

Xao is a gallery, book store and tiny independent publishing house from Prague that focuses on contemporary illustration and comics. Stripburger is an international comics magazine and publishing house from Ljubljana. Both of them also organize exhibitions, workshops and other events, encouraging and promoting independent comics culture and artistic production at home and abroad. They occasionally meet at festivals and book fairs around Europe, where they enthusiastically view their publications. This time, members of both collectives will gather at the independent gallery and bookshop Titivil in Bologna, where they will present their favourite editions and talk about what they do, how they do it, and why they keep doing it. Stripburger colours will be represented by the editors Tanja Skale and David Krančan.



Wednesday, 10 April 2024, 13.00 // Translators’ Café, Bologna Book Fair
Slovenian Comics in Translation, talk
Speakers: Majda Koren, Damijan Stepančič, Jurij Devetak, David Krančan
Organised by: Slovenian Book Agency, Sinnos


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International activities of the Stripburger magazine are co-funded by the Slovenian Book Agency.