Stripburger 49

COVER: Andrej Štular (Slovenia)
COMICS: Rémi Lucas, Michael Sterckeman (France), Kaja Avberšek, Domen Finžgar, Nejc Gazvoda & Jure Engelsberger, Koco & Matej Lavrenčič, Andrej Štular, David Krančan (Slovenia), Rina Ayuyang (USA), Malin Biller (Sweden), Dunja Janković (Croatia), Sara Colaone (Italy), Daniel Bueno, Marcelo D’Salete (Brasil)
PROFILES: Sara Colaone (Italy), Andrej Štular (Slovenia)
REVIEWS: Anna Ehrlemark (Malin Biller: Du Vet Att Du Vill!), Kaja Avberšek (Marcelo D’Salete: Noite Luz), Koco (Luca de Santis & Sara Colaone: In Italia Sono Tutti Maschi), Domen Finžgar (Iztok Sitar: Dnevnik Ane Tank)
BACK COVER: Jon McNaught (United Kingdom)

June 2009, 96 pages


The 49th issue of Stripburger features a special section, “The 8th Mortal Sin”. The section, being a spoof on the traditional seven mortal sins, features 8 authors: Rémi Lucas (France), Michael Sterckeman (France), Rina Ayuyang (USA), Dunja Jankovic (Croatia), Kaja Avbersek (Slovenia), Domen Finzgar (Slovenia), Nejc Gazvoda (Slovenia) and Malin Biller (Sweden). In their comics, they demonstrate what should be characterized as a mortal sin according to them. The issue also features two interviews, one of them with Andrej Štular, an experimental artist from Slovenia, notable for his unconventional approach to cartooning. The other interviewed artist is Sara Colaone, the acclaimed italian cartoonist, whose comics are much more firmly rooted in traditional storytelling than those of Stular. The issue also features comics by both interviewed artists. Not to be missed is also a short illustrated story (in prose) by Nejc Gazvoda, a feature unique to Stripburger. Appearing for the first time are Daniel Bueno(Brasil), Jon McNaught (UK) and Jure Engelsberger (Slovenia).

RELEASED: June 2009, format A4-, 96 pages (3 full colour pages), offset printed locally in Slovenia.
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