Stripburger at the Tabook Festival 2021

Stripburger magazine at the 10th edition of the Tabook festival in Czech Republic
2–4 September 2021, Tabor, Czech Republic

The Tabook festival that takes place yearly in autumn in the Czech town of Tabor is dedicated to small quality publishers. It is organized by the Czech publisher Baobab and aimed at connecting readers, artists, writers, publishers, librarians and all others who are interested in authorial work in the fields of illustration and comics. The festival includes several different events all around the city: exhibitions, live readings, lectures, performances, panels, concerts and whatnot.

This year Stripburger crew will attend the small publishers’ book fair  and present its activities with an exhibition of posters and magazine covers called Stripburger in Print, while Slovenian comics artists David Krančan and Martin Ramoveš will also participate in a discussion with international publishers and authors.
This comprehensive presentation of Stripburger’s publishing activities will also include a unique comics zine in English titled Stripburger Digest, which will be freely distributed to all the visitors of the festival. The zine features short comics stories from the huge Stripburger’s collection created by nine Slovenian comics artists: Kaja Avberšek, Jakob Klemenčič, Marko Kociper, Matej Kocjan – Koco, Tanja Komadina, David Krančan,  Martin Ramoveš, Gašper Rus and Andrej Štular.

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PROGRAM / Stripburger at the Tabook Festival:

2– 4 September 2021
Stripburger in Print // Truhlárna, Tábor

Friday, 3 September 2021
Matinée Invisible Lines & international publishers // Café Obývák, Tábor
discussion and presentations of international publishers and authors
Participating: Stripburger (SI), Hamelin (IT), Corraini (IT), Central Vapeur (FR), Cuistax (BE), Invisible Lines

Tabook book fair  // Pražská ulice, Tábor

Saturday, 4 September 2021
Tabook book fair // Pražská ulice, Tábor

Walk around Tabook exhibitions
Participating: Stripburger (SI), Andrea Antinori IT), Gabriela Jolowicz (DE), Henning Wagenbreth (DE), Invisible Lines

Ceremony of Sasek Foundation  – announcement of stipend winners // DON Theatre, Tábor

International activities of the Stripburger magazine are co-funded by the Slovenian Book Agency.