Stripburger 52

COVER: Koco (Slovenia)
COMICS: Gašper Rus, Andrej Štular, Domen Finžgar, Koco & Matej Lavrenčič, Tanja Komadina, Matej de Cecco (Slovenia), Tomáš Prokůpek, Tomáš Přidal, Lucie Lomová, Jaromír 99, Pavel Čech, Vhrsti, Dora Dutková, Karel Jerie & Tomáš Prokůpek, Voyager, Jiři Grus, Petr Korunka, Jaromír Plachý, Tomáš Kopřiva (Czech Republic), König Lű.Q. (Switzerland)
INTERVIEWS: Tomáš Prokůpek, Juraj Horváth (Czech Republic)
REVIEWS: Kaja Avberšek (Leah Hayes: Funeral of the Heart; Matjaž Schmidt: Slovenske pravljice (in ena nemška) v stripu), Koco (Darko Macan: Dnevniq), Domen Finžgar (Primož Bertoncelj: Ambrožev paberkuum 2; Matjaž Bertoncelj: Večstranski & Enostranski)
BACK COVER: Daniel Bueno (Brasil)

December 2009, 96 pages

Stripburger no. 52 brings you a very special treat: an extensive showcase of contemporary Czech comics. Filling more than half of the issue, the Czech special is one of the largest ever in Stripburger. As in many other East European countries, Czech comics didn’t fully come to life before the collapse of the communist system. Today, two decades after this turning point, the Czech comics scene seems to be one of the most vibrant in the Eastern Europe. You will learn more about it in an extensive interview with Tomáš Prokůpek (a Czech comics scriptwriter and theoretician) and a shorter one with Juraj Horváth, (a Czech designer and publisher). Among the Czech cartoonists featured in the section, there are some distinguished ones (at least in Czech republic): Lucie Lomová, (who’s making a name for herself in France as well), Jaromir 99 and Jiří Grus. There’s a number of other authors as well, not so known perhaps, but no less interestingJaromír Plachý, Tomáš Kopřiva, Tomáš Pŕidal, Voyager,Petr Korunka and Karel Jerie. Last but not least, you will also enconuter some of Stripburger’s old pals: Vhrsti, Dora Dutková in Pavel Čech.

The rest of the issue consists mostly of comics by Slovene authors (Koco, Matej Lavrenčič, Andrej Štular, Tanja Komadina, Domen Finžgar and Gašper Rus), which makes it the most Slavic issue ever (this is a sort of a record). Not to be missed are also some beautiful comics-like illustrations by Peter Kuper.

RELEASED: December 2009, format A4-, 96 pages (8 full colour pages), offset printed locally in Slovenia.
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