Stripburger 69

COVER: Martín López Lam (Peru)
EDITORIAL: Olaf Ladousse (Spain)
INTERVIEWS: David Schilter / kuš! (Latvia), Gašper Rus (Slovenia)
COMICS: Olaf Ladousse (Spain), Diego Gerlach (Brazil), Eya Mordyakova (Russia), Roberta Vázquez (Spain), Elías Taño (Spain), Andrés Magán (Spain), Derrengueta (Spain), Roberto Masso (Spain), Martín López Lam (Peru), Adrián A. Astorgano (Spain), Peter Kuper (USA), Clara Jetsmark (Denmark), Gašper Rus (Slovenia), Javier Triviño Murillo (Spain/Germany), Simon Mackie (UK), Cecilia Valagussa (Italy), Lukas Weidinger (Germany), Cole Johnson (USA), Bruno Borges (Portugal), Sanja Pocrnjić (Slovenia)
REVIEWS: Jakob Klemenčič (Bill Griffith: Invisible Ink. My Mother’s Secret Love Affair with a Famous Cartoonist), Tanja Skale (Max Baitinger: Röhner), Tea Hvala (Kate Evans: Red Rosa)
BACK COVER: M. S. Bastian & Isabelle L. (Switzerland)

May 2017, 96 pages

In Spain, as well as elsewhere too, a self-publishing/zine virus is running rampant at the moment, releasing the creativity of many young artists. These artists are sick and tired of waiting in line to be published in established publications, and are self-organizing, self-publishing and establishing their own publications instead. This creative cauldron contains many tasty treats, by which we mean promising young comics artists. A whole bunch of them is presented in the newest 69th issue of Stripburger that starts with a ‘mute text’ penned by the seasoned veteran of the Spanish comics zine scene Olaf Ladousse. Additional information about the unbridled spreading and new mutations of the self-publishing virus can be found in the short text by Martin Lopez Lam who’s created the juicily colourful front cover of the magazine as well.
Equally colourful is the back cover, too, signed by our old Swiss friends M.S. Bastian and Isabelle L. But wait, there’s more! We have another Swiss in this issue, namely David Schilter, who’s otherwise been tied more closely to the Latvian comics magazine kuš! instead as its cofounder and coeditor for the past ten years. His interview explains the genesis and the development of the magazine and shows how they tackle their editorial and publishing work. The second interview features a discussion with Gašper Rus, one of the most prolific domestic comics artists and a long-time collaborator of our magazine.
Variety marks the rest of the content of the magazine as well, since comics are a medium with innovative approaches and of a broad spectrum, and this latest issue of Stripburger clearly testifies to this.

Let yourselves become infected!

RELEASED: December 2009, format A4-, 96 pages (20 full colour pages), offset printed locally in Slovenia.
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