Stripburger #74

COVER: Olivier Schrauwen (BE)
EDITORIAL: Marcel Ruijters (NL)
INTERVIEWS: Martin Ramoveš (SI), Olivier Schrauwen (BE)
COMICS: Andrej Štular, Martin Ramoveš (SI), Marcel Ruijters (NL), Alex Bodea (RO/DE), Cole Johnson, Lance Hansen, Noah Van Sciver, Peter Kuper (US), Martin Ernstsen (NO), Javier Triviño Murillo, Alex Tarazón (ES), Anton Svetić & Stipan Tadić (HR), Olivier Schrauwen (BE)
STRIPBURGER’S COMPENDIUM #2: Katja Štesl (Art and Life: Authentification Strategies in Biographical Comics), Gašper Rus (Joe Ollmann: The Abominable Mr. Seabrook), Bojan Albahari (Olivier Schrauwen: Parallel Lives), Jakob Klemenčič (Blutch in Exhibition in Strasbourg)

September 2019, A4-, 120 pages: 96 magazine + 24 supplement.


Contemporary comics biography-making in theory and in practice

This fresh and thematic issue of Stripburger #74 deals with the increasing and fashionable production of BIOGRAPHY COMICS! We present you a colourful selection of comics biographies, while the Compendium supplement brings about reviews and texts on the comics medium in general.

Artists’ motives to deal with life events of individuals can vary a lot: it can be about fascination with great historical figures (as we can read in the Ramoveš‘s Rob) but it can also be about the oh-so-contemporary enthusiasm over lives of small inconsequential people and their everyday that have a special and meaningful patina which is impossible to fake (as we can read in the Stipan Tadić‘s comics).
The different approaches in biography-making can be very diverse, just as with the narrative lengths and the visual aspects of such comics, however this is most visible in the fundamental choices of comics artists about what’s worth presenting. Comics medium thus, in collaboration with biographical motives, creates completely new meanings: life is sometimes a series of actions and sometimes just a disinterested gaze… This time we present you comics by Marcel Rujiters, Noah Van Sciver, Peter Kuper, Martin Ernstsen and other comics biographers.

We were honored with an interview by Slovenian comics artist and musician Martin Ramoveš who told us all about his attitudes towards comics and music making, and by Olivier Schrauwen, the not-so-recently-discovered master of exploring new expressive possibilities, of absurdity and of humour in the comics medium. Very telling indeed!

The Compendium supplement brings about in-depth reading on how comics biographers attain credibility in their works, reviews of The Abominable Mr. Seabrook  by Joe Ollmann and Parallel Lives by Olivier Schrauwen, and for good measure impressions from a comprehensive and extensive exhibition of legendary Blutch in Strasbourg.

The recent issue is thus brimming with substantial comics reading for the most sophisticated tastes as well as with nutritional theoretical/critical deliberation on (biographical) comics. It can’t get any more serious than this. All for your reading delight!

PUBLISHER: Forum Ljubljana
RELEASED: September 2019, format A4-, 120 pages: 96 magazine( 23 full colour pages) + 24 supplement, language: English-Slovene, offset printed locally in Slovenia.

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