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  • Stripburger 65

    – SOLD OUT – FRESH AND UNIQUE: comics creations by 24 authors of different generations, poetics and aesthetics! May 2015, 96 pages, cover: Bernharda Xilko

  • Stripburger 63

    – SOLD OUT – ATTENTION! RADIO-ACTIVE COMICS! April 2014, 96 pages, cover by: Léo Quievreux

  • Stripburger at THE MILLIONAIRES CLUB in Leipzig

    The Millionaires Club, Leipzig
    14. – 16. 3. 2014

  • Stripburger 62

    STRIPBURGER FEAUTURING THE ONE AND ONLY KLAS KATT! December 2013, 96 pages, cover by: Gunnar Lundkvist

  • Stripburger 61

    – SOLD OUT -THE NORWEGIAN BLOCK HAS SPREAD INTO ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD! May 2013, 96 pages, cover by: Bendik Kaltenborn

  • Stripburger 58

    – SOLD OUT – AKE JAVEL TO THE RESCUE! Dec. 2012, 96 pages, cover by: Lars Sjunnesson

  • Lars Sjunnesson – “What is the point of being normal in a world like this?”

    He’s a recurring artist on the pages of this magazine and always warmly welcomed. Wacky wits, relaxedness, critical thinking and a non-conformist creative approach are the defining characteristics of Lars Sjunnesson. These traits (that are rare to come by nowadays, by the way) contribute to the uniqueness, bizarreness and memorableness of his comics universe which […]

  • Workburger – custom made product with a flawless defect

    -SPECIAL ISSUE- It’s all about work! An international comics anthology featuring comics from some 50 artist on the topic of contemporary work. Stripburger # 59-60, Dec. 2012, 224 p., b&w, in English, 16 eur

  • Stripburger 57

    – SOLD OUT – Jyrki Heikkinen vs. Novo doba vs. rest of the world!
    June 2012, 96 pages,
    cover by: Jyrki Heikkinen

  • Stripburger 37

    sold out May 2004, 96 pages Cover: Max Andersson & Lars Sjunnesson Special bloc dedicated to new Russian comics with participating artists: Aleksandr Jegorov, Leonid Tiškov, Xixyc, Askold Akišin,Alim Velitov, Rei, Ilja Savčenkov, German Križanovski, Igor Kolgarjov. Other participating artists: Max Andersson, Lars Sjunnesson (Švedska, Nemčija/Sweden, Germany), Alejandro Alvarez (Argentina), Pascal D. Bohr (Nemčija/Germany), Manoi (Francija/France), Vladan Nikolić (Srbija in Črna Gora/Serbia and Montenegro), Andreja Kladnik, Tomaž Lavrič, Primož Krašna (Slovenia/Slovenija), Jerome Degive, Rayman (Belgija, […]

  • Stripburger 36

    sold out November 2003, 96 pages, Cover: Nadia Raviscioni, silkscreened cover printed by Droz Special bloc dedicated to new Swiss comics with participating artists: Frederik Peeters, Xavier Robel, Helge Reumann, Ben,M.S. Bastian. Other participating artists : Max Andersson, Lars Sjunnesson (Švedska, Nemčija/Sweden, Germany), Mateusz Skutnik (Poljska/Poland), Lazar Bodroža, Radovan Popović (Srbija in Črna Gora/Serbia and Montenegro), Koco, Mina Žabnikar (Slovenia/Slovenija), Yann Trehin (Francija/France), Ranjith Perera, Malin Biller (Švedska/Sweden), Mahler (Avstrija/Austria), Robert Goodin (ZDA/USA), […]

  • Stripburger 31

    sold out Dec. 2001 cover art by Henriette Valium