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Nicolas Presl: Sin očeta medveda

WORDLESS GRAPHIC NOVEL! Son of the Father Bear - a mute graphic novel by the French artist Nicolas Presl brings a shocking story of coexistence between humans and animals! Ambasada Strip edition #19, December 2016, 236 bw pgs., 12 €.

Comics Embassy

Marcel Ruijters: Inferno

THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE! The comics paraphrase of the Dante Alighieri's classic, enriched with a pinch of irony! Ambasada Strip edition #17, October 2016, 160 bw pgs., 10 €.

O editions

Toni Buršić: Lost in Ljubljana

THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE! First official mini album by young Istrian boy about his study experience in Ljubljana. Edition O #16, April 2016, 24 p., A6, 1,50 €.

O editions

David Krančan: Pijani zajec

THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE! Drunken Rabbit - a melancholic and charming fairy-tale for adults! Edition O #15, Nov. 2015, 56 bw pgs., B5, 10 €.

Comics Republic

Andrej Štular: Kronike

THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE! Chronicles - a collection of 'this can’t be true' curiosities found in newspapers! Republika Strip edition #23,October 2015, 94 pgs, A4-, 7 €.

Minimundus Editions

Tanja Komadina: Fino kolo

THIS RELEASE IS IN SLOVENE LANGUAGE! A touching story about a refugee boy from Bosnia who dreams of owning a bicycle! Minimundus edition #10, 2014 / 2016 (1st re-print), 64 p., A4-, 7 €.

O editions

miha ha: Milda

WORDLESS EDITION. Lyrical wordless tale about a little girl, who gets lost in the woods. Edition O #12, April 2014, 24 p., A6, SOLD OUT.